Zoonoses Control Program

The six zoonoses like Taeniosis/cysticercosis /Neurocysticercosis, Leptospirosis, Hydatidosis, Brucellosis;Toxoplasmosisand Avian Influenza have been identified as Priorities Zoonotic Diseases in Nepal which are foundas  epidemic potentials.  More than 35000 people take post exposure treatment in suspicious or rabid animals bite per annum and about 100 people die annually due to rabies. Likewise snake-bite is an important medical emergency and cause of hospital admission. It results in the death or chronic disability of many active younger

People, especially those involved in farming and plantation work and children. Number of    case of dog and snake bites is increasing but there is a decreasing trend of death. During the fiscal year 2068/69, number of animal bites reported 37929 and 219651 dose of ARV provided. Similarly the 14768 case of snake bite reported. Among them, 13462 were non poisonous and 867 were poisonous. Among the poisonous bite 79 died and remaining 788 were cured.